recycled net transformations by behaviour change cornwall

Recycled Net Transformations

Transformed from ocean pollution recovered from the Cornish coast our recycled bracelets are a environmentally friendly and unique gift for someone who truly loves Cornwall and the sea.

handmade cornish jewellery by behaviour change cornwall

Handmade Cornish Products

All of our environmentally conscious products are handmade in Cornwall by Cornish people with a passion for stopping plastic pollution in the ocean. Based in Looe Harbour we strive to make a difference.

circular economy behaviour change cornwall

Part of the Circular Economy

Buying a recycled fishing net bracelet  protects Cornwall’s beaches and its marine wildlife. Each one supports our plastic recovery expeditions to clean our seas and funds our local conservation efforts.

Fish Net Bracelets

Each recycled fishing net bracelet is handmade in Cornwall from salvaged ghost netting that haunts Cornwall’s wild coast and idyllic harbours. 

whale tail ocean bracelet made from recycled plastic

Looe Island Whale Tail

Recycled bracelet made from fishing net recovered from Looe island with a beautiful whale tail clasp. With our products you’re supporting a cleaner ocean and protecting marine wildlife.

buoy baubles on christmas tree

Buoy Baubles

Christmas tree baubles made from recycled lost fishing gear and net recovered from Cornwall’s coast. A truly unique nautical homeware decoration for any ocean lover.

lantic bay cornwall anchor bracelet

Lantic Bay Anchor

Made from recycled lost fishing net recovered from Lantic Bay with an anchor clasp. This bracelet is a limited, rare collection and has been handmade in Cornwall.

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