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Sustainability, Products and Recovery FAQs

To find your size:

  1. Place a piece of string around your wrist where you will wear your bracelet
  2. Measure the length of the string exactly in cm and add 1cm to make it comfortable
  3. Select one of our sizes of bracelet which is the length including the clasp

(Each is recycled and therefore the size does differ by a few millimetres)

Each product is named for the closest beach, cove or geographical/historical feature to where the net was found (I.e Looe Island, the Wreck of the Mullheim, Church Cove) and has the name of who found it on a certificate inside. The only exception is a product made from a particular feature of pollution (i.e our fishermen’s kiss zip pulls), in which case the location found is still listed.

We trace every piece of plastic from the sea to sale – gathering data for scientists researching the threats to the ocean and ensuring our products are as local and sustainable as possible.

We visit new and revisit  locations around Cornwall constantly but never know what we will find until we do – which makes it impossible to predict what comes next.

 To keep up with where the seas leads us by following us on our Instagram and Facebook page to keep an eye out so you don’t miss out on what are always unique creations.

Although unfortunately for wildlife we never fail to find more plastics and ghost fishing nets we can never promise to find the same colour or type of net again in the same location. Each net is different in size, colour and the state its found in. Sometimes we find a single strand or a entire trawl net – its pure luck. So we cannot restock our products because they are one off creations.

Each Behaviour Change Cornwall product is transformed by hand from environmentally-damaging ghost fishing net and plastics that we have recovered (either via a beach clean, donation or diving down) from Cornwall’s beaches, coves, harbours and waters.

Each one is named for the closest beach, cove or geographical/historical feature to where the net was found (I.e Looe Island, the Wreck of the Mullheim, Church Cove) and has the name of who found it on a certificate inside.

We trace every piece of plastic from the sea to sale – gathering data for scientists researching the threats to the ocean and ensuring our products are as local and sustainable as possible.


Our boxes, cards, paper tape and envelopes are all recyclable as paper/cardboard.

Our boxes, cards and envelopes are all made from recycled materials. Our postcards were discarded faded stock destined for the shredder until we saved them to use as delivery notes. None of the boxes, cards, envelopes etc contain plastic.

We find it amazing how hard sustainable packaging still is to source. We keep working to ensure our supply of sustainable packaging and continually keep trying to reduce and remove our packagings impact.

Collect it!

Smaller pieces of net can be mailed to us for recycling.

We also collect whole nets and larger quantities of net fragments when we have the spare capacity to recycle in Cornwall.

In either case email us below with a photo of your find and we will help find a way to ensure it never re-enters the sea.

If you have a small fragment, heavily snarled or otherwise unrecyclable section, making sure it is properly disposed of stops it entering the marine environment and harming wildlife!

All our bracelets and other products are cleaned, recycled and hand made in Looe, Cornwall.

We’re really proud to be recycling and producing products in Cornwall – growing an innovative part of the circular economy in an area and community that desperately needs secure non-seasonal jobs. Though our team is small we hope to grow through these values – supporting a team and wider network of people and organisations driving change.

All of our team are environmentally-orientated Cornish people who are passionate about our mission and Cornwall itself.

No we’ve left them in the beautiful way they were found.

In the case of our ghost nets – we simply untangle, clean, sterilise and fit them with a clasp.

For our recycled ocean plastic products we simply mix, melt and mould them as they are – adding nothing.

This means every product is therefore unique – with the impact of the sun, sea and scraping over wrecks and rocks inherent in their appearance. Each one carries the scars of its oceanic odyssey proudly – proving its authenticity as a recycled product.

If you have a special net you have found and want turned into a creation send us a photo of the net via email and we will see what we can do.

Sadly some requests we will have to deny as we cannot guarantee that we can transform the net safely and successfully.

We are an environmentally-positive business who puts positive change first.

All our products drive the recovery of more nets and plastic from the marine environment. Recycling and sifting through the worlds waste, under falling cliffs, sometimes even underwater and at the mercy of the sea is dangerous work and deserves fair pay. We still believe volunteering is an amazing thing to – but sadly for many young environmentally-minded people – it doesn’t pay the bills.

We also need funds to ensure we have the tools and skills we need to access safely the hidden nets on the seafloor, in remote coves and transporting it back to shore. Also part of the purchase price of our recycled products goes to pay the costs of cleaning, recycling and making the products. Additionally funds are used to maintain the website, which allows us to spread our message, run an online store and function as a business.

A portion of our funds are also spent on working on our efforts to ensure less plastic enters the sea in the first place – through one of our behaviour changing campaigns. These projects vary from to designing behaviour changing interventions that individuals, organisations and businesses can implement to increase their positive impact on the ocean; to interpreting and adapting the latest research from the behavioural sciences to educate and advice on how to change our consumer decisions from a environmentally-damaging towards environmentally-positive.

Check out more in our Articles – and thank you for your support for our growing mission to protect the sea by buying a recycled fishing net bracelet or any of products made from recovered ghost gear in our Shop.

Luckily for us (less lucky for the planet) the HDPE plastic nets used are nigh on indestructible, waterproof and hardy. Avoid putting them near open flames, chemicals or sharp objects. Also don’t pick at loose threads – cut them or send them back for repair if they bother you – they are an unavoidable result of using real lost nets.

Also you can avoid wearing them in the shower, whilst using cleaning products  and whilst washing dishes (chemicals in soaps and detergents can tarnish metal over years). Also being gentle when taking on and off will lengthen their already long lifespan as the metal clasps can be damaged over many years if abused. 

Make sure you are only pressing down on the lever at the end furthest from the clasp ends (where they meet).
The clasp is not a button and pressing the whole clasp will not lift the catch.
If that does not work try pushing the clasp ends together gently (not apart) to reset the mechanism and then press the lever at the end furthest from the clasp ends.
If this isn’t the problem try the following steps: 
 a) press the clasp together as if closing it (as pulling locks the clasp unless the lever is engaged and it wont then unlock – this prevents it falling off but can be an issue if someones tried to pull it apart without the lever).
b) after pushing the clasp together, press the lever on the side furthest away from the clasp ends and fully rise the lever until seen (this can be tricky without nails, but a credit card works great). It should work fine ever more at this point.

We offer a personalised engraving service, this is carried out in-house with our own laser machine.

You can have your single strand, whale tail and anchor clasps engraved for an additional charge of £10.00.

If you want your clasp engraved you will be prompted before you add your bracelet to your basket. Simply type your message into the box.

You can add up to 18 letters or numbers to your message. This can be anything of your choosing. We cannot engrave anymore than 18 characters including spaces, do not exceed this amount.

The engraving is placed on the insides of the clasps, so it is not visible to others while you are wearing it.

We cannot currently offer this service on previously bought bracelets.

This service should not delay your expected delivery date, you can find this when you checkout.

Please choose carefully as we will not rectify, replace or compensate for any errors (unless the error was ours).

We do not accept returns or exchanges of products once they are engraved.

We reserve the right to refuse any order that in our discretion contains, profanities, is offensive, or infringes intellectual property of a third party.

Orders, Returns and Payments FAQs

All our parcels are dispatched with Royal Mail on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

They usually take 1-2 days to arrive after purchase .

However please allow for a week after ordering, as during busy periods mail can be delayed, though this is rare.

Yes. You can return any unused product to us or choose another one up to 28 days after purchasing. 

However, we do ask that you consider carefully which bracelet/creation you’d like beforehand. Repeated posting has an avoidable environmental impact and forces our team to take time away from getting out there to gather net. To prevent this please ensure you get the right size bracelets by measuring your wrists before buying a bracelet.

Simply return your purchase to us via post to “Behaviour Change Cornwall, Prisk Stores, Looe, Cornwall, PL13 1AQ” with a note stating your name, address, email used during ordering, order number and instructions on what you would like to happen/ the bracelet you’d like to swap for written clearly on a note in the envelope. Without all these details we cannot successfully return your item.

Voluntary Contribution: for bracelets please include £2 in cash (or a valid unused Royal Mail 1st Class large letter stamp) so we can return it to you, this voluntary contribution is so that funds aren’t diverted away from our plastic recovery and beach cleans.

If your purchase is damaged on arrival – please email us. 

We only use Royal Mail as they are the only U.K. wide postal service that promotes (although not guaranteed in cities) walking posties.

Why is that important to us? Up to 90% of the carbon footprint of products sold online is created by the last 10 miles it travels to your house (as the costs of large scale freight are divided amongst thousands of parcels, whereas the delivery driver travels miles often for single parcels). 

On top, Royal Mail is incredibly reliable and subsidises deliveries to all the remotest parts of the UK – making sure everyone is connected.

No – we only do UK delivery.

We plan to change this but for the moment we haven’t found a sustainable choice for worldwide postage.

As part of our commitment to creating a circular economy we repair and recycle all our products so they are useful forever.  

Simply contact us below if you’d like to send in something for recycling or have a repair – our products are tested and built to last – but mistakes do happen – we’re all only human.

Please email us, with a photo and details of the problem and we will try our best to arrange a repair.

We accept payment via stripe for credit or debit card.

Check out our GDPR and our Privacy Policies.

If you are having issues checking out and are getting error messages please ensure that you have not used and commas or special characters in your postal address.

If this is your error message:

Then please make sure that you have un-ticked the section ‘deliver to a different address’

If you are still having issues then please email us and we will do our best to help resolve the issue.

The full range of our products is only available on our website however, you can find us at events in markets around the country. Sign up to our newsletter or follow us on facebook or instagram to see where we will be.

We do have amazing stockists located around the country where you can shop in-person. Please email us to find out who they are.


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