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Recycled Ocean Plastic Bottle Openers

Blue & yellow


Recycled Ocean Plastic Bottle Openers are 100% made from the lost ghost fishing nets, ropes and gear we recover from Cornwall’s coast.

The lost fishing gear use to make these  was still lethal whilst it lives its second life haunting the ocean. By buying our recycled ocean plastic openers these plastics are now valued and purposeful – making our oceans healthier and marine wildlife safer.

Every batch is unique and a blend of different colours.

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All in the detail: 

  • Certified Made in Cornwall
  • Colour originates from the recovered net/ocean plastic!
  • Material: former fishing nets and ocean plastics
  • Every product is unique and may differ slightly from the pictures
  • Waterproof: (this stuff is indestructible)
  • Cleaned and sterilised (that’s the hard dirty bit).
  • Good for indoor and outdoor dining.

As our products are lovingly made from recycled netting we have found and removed from the ocean, they vary in size, shade and come in a variety of thicknesses and vary also in shade slightly.

Like each Behaviour Change Cornwall product – these allows each of our young Cornish team to spend more time out scouring Cornwall clean  – helping make the ocean healthier and wildlife safer.

Additional information

Bottle Opener Finish

Smooth, Textured

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