*Shipwrecked Bronze Whale Tail Bracelet*

Collaboration with St Justin


Bracelets made by Behaviour Change Cornwall from recycled lost fishing nets recovered from around Cornwall’s coast – Removal of harmful net helps to support a cleaner ocean and protect marine wildlife.

Whale tail clasps made by St Justin from Cornish tin and recycled copper to make bronze – Tin ingots recovered from the seabed of the SS Liverpool which sank in 1863.

Watch how the bracelets are made here

  • Bracelet strand made from 100% recovered ghost fishing net, pick your favourite location or colour
  • Whale tail clasp made from shipwrecked Cornish tin, mixed with recycled copper to make bronze
  • Traced from and named after where the net was recovered by Behaviour Change Cornwall
  • Comes with certificate card telling you where the net was found and the batch number of the whale tail
  • Certified Made in Cornwall – both Behaviour Change Cornwall and St Justin
  • Each bracelet is unique, unisex, waterproof and hardy
  • Comes packaged plastic-free in a branded recycled eco-box and envelope
  • Low carbon shipping across the UK


  • Each purchase funds Behaviour Change Cornwall’s mission
  • 50% goes to funding more recovery of plastic from the ocean
  • 50% funds more recycling of ocean plastic and new ways to do so
  • Employing young Cornish people passionate about our planet
  • All to make Cornwall’s coast cleaner, our oceans healthier and wildlife safer


  1. Wrap string, ribbon etc around your wrist where you’ll wear your bracelet
  2. Measure the length exactly in cm and add 0.5cm to make it comfortable
  3. Select one of our sizes of bracelet – which is the length including the clasp (bracelets vary by a few mm)
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About our Bracelets:

  • Certified Made in Cornwall – cleaned, recycled and packed in Looe
  • Whale tail clasp simply loops through the net to stay in place
  • Colour originates from the found net – no dyes
  • Made of former fishing net – cleaned, tested for nasties and sterilised
  • Every product is unique and may differ slightly from the pictures


About the St Justin Whale Tail:

  • Certified Made in Cornwall – made by St Justin in Penzance
  • Whale tail clasps are made from shipwrecked Cornish tin, mixed with recycled copper to make bronze
  • Shipwrecked tin ingots were recovered from the SS Liverpool which sank in 1863
  • Recycled copper from a scrapyard at Wheal Alfred, Hayle
  • Bronze is renowned for its longevity and has a high lustre like gold


Product Care: 

  • Luckily for us (less lucky for the planet) fishing nets are nigh on indestructible and hardy
  • Bracelet and whale tail clasps are waterproof, rinse with fresh water after activities such as sea swimming
  • To retain the whale tails shine use a soft polishing cloth – it can also be cleaned with a metal polishing paste such as Autosol, natural beeswax to protect it
  • Avoid putting them near open flames, chemicals or sharp objects
  • Don’t pick at loose threads – cut them or send them back for repair if they bother you – they are an unavoidable result of using real lost nets
  • Nets after being gnarled in the sand and sea they often have distinctive small ocean-induced blemishes and can be rough in places when first worn
  • Due to being hand made bracelets vary in length by several mm
  • Avoid wearing them when using cleaning products (chemicals in certain soaps and detergents can tarnish metal over years and dissolve fixing agents)
  • Be gentle when taking on and off – this lengthens their already long lifespan, as the clasps can be damaged over many years if abused

Additional information

Dimensions9 × 9 × 2 cm
Bracelet location

Kynance Cove, Mounts Bay, Sennen Cove, St Michael's Mount


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