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Transforming Nets from the Isle of Mull with Ghost Fishing UK

In-between our recovery and recycling of our ocean plastics  we’ve had the chance to collaborate with the amazing people at Ghost Fishing UK, to turn some of their finds into treasure!

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Ghost Net Hero

Christine Grosart from Ghost Fishing UK is a keen beach cleaner, record-holding cave diver and wrote the first training course for scuba divers to safely remove ghost fishing nets in the world! On a trip paddling near Mull she came across amazing wildlife, stunning views and sadly a huge tangle of ghost net that desperately needed exorcising from the wild coast.

Christine Grosart from ghost fishing uk
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Spotting Ghost Nets

Setting off from Crainure, paddling along the south coast they found a beautifully-wild yet blighted-with-rubbish coastline. Amongst this litter they spotted a singularly large emerald green fishing net. Despite beyond half being buried it was still visibly far too large for them to take all of it. However they logged the location and took photos on their phone before they then cosied up for the night after there 16 miles of paddling.

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Recovering the Net

On return, despite a detour getting lost, scaling cliffs, dodging fearsome sheep and a wee bit of bog swimming, they made it to the correct beach. Finding a perfectly alternative sound and straight footpath a bit too late. However, the sun was shining on this southern side of Mull this day and they bagged up the net they could free with the net fragments safely secured. 

ghost fishing uk net recovery mission


Receiving the net via Ghost Fishing UK we at Behaviour Change Cornwall then jumped to clean and repurpose the net found into a one-off exclusive custom collection of whale tail bracelets. The purchase of these bracelets raise funds for their amazing work that shares our mission of ridding the sea of ghost fishing gear.

 If you’d like to support them and us – check out the Mull Collection on their store.

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