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Why do Corals Prefer to Eat Plastic

It turns out that corals prefer to eat microplastics – tiny pieces of plastic pollution barely visible to the naked eye – rather than their natural food! 

A study in 2017, trying to understand why and how microplastics are getting in the marine food chain, found that when coral were offered plastic, sand and bacteria-covered plastic + sand they actually preferred the naked-plastic. They even retained the plastic for longer compared to the other food. 

They suspect that some types of plastic contain chemicals which stimulate the corals – which are tiny animals related to jellyfish – to feed. Or in other words, plastic is tasty for corals. 

This could be because the hydrocarbons in oil that make up plastic mimic biological chemicals – we must remember all oil, & therefore plastic, originally was animals and plants aka fossil fuel. Finding out that corals find plastic tasty may seem rather abstract, but it helps scientists build up a better picture of how plastic is spreading through the marine environment – as corals are eaten by many other animals.
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